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The printed materials that accompany presentations can range from a minimal single-paged agenda to a deluxe packet of materials that includes a presentation booklet, notes, or any pertinent supplemental documents.  Keep in mind:
  • Think through how each material relates to the message of the presentation.  Does the design of the piece make it clear how it should be used?

  • Make sure the layout, graphics, fonts and styles of your printed materials are consistent with your organization, your message, and the visual and spoken elements of your presentation.

  • Agendas and outlines are the most basic, helpful materials you can hand out during a presentation.

  • Materials should be clearly marked with titles or other information so the audience understands their purpose.

  • Sections and subsections within materials should be clearly marked with headings and subheadings so the audience can follow along.  

Developing a General Presentation
Visuals for a Presentation
Spoken Elements in Presentations

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