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Teachers and Tutors Introduction

An Introduction to the WriteSite for Teachers and Tutors

The CUNY WriteSite is created and maintained by a team of faculty and graduate students at The City University of New York as a support for creative learning, teaching and tutoring.

As an online resource, the WriteSite provides a convenient alternative to handouts and other paper-based materials employed in classes and learning centers.  Students can access the WriteSite from any internet-connected computer on a 24 x 7 basis.  The WriteSite is completely free to users.  It is important, however, to stress How Using  the WriteSite is Different from a Textbook or Workbook.

Although the WriteSite can be used by writers on all levels as a self-directed, stand-alone product, it is most effective as a component of instruction in classrooms, learning centers and online environments. 

Click here for the general introduction to the WriteSite and for our site guide.

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