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Have you ever kept a diary or a journal? What kinds of things did you write about and why?

There are many different kinds of journals, diaries, logs, and notebooks. Here are a few:
  • In a reading journal, you record your responses to various texts assigned in a course. Some teachers may ask you to keep a notebook in response to particular issues or questions being discussed in class. Performers such as actors and musicians might keep rehearsal journals, while some people on voyages keep travel journals.
  • A diary usually emphasizes personal reflection, often on a daily basis and often for no other reader than the writer.
  • A log often contains structured observation, investigation, even experimentation. Laboratory and field research of various kinds is often formally recorded in a log.
  • As more courses are created with online sites and materials, e-journals (for electronic journals) are becoming increasingly popular. These hybrid forms combine the immediacy of journal writing with the facility of the Internet to distribute written communication widely and quickly.
What's in a name? Whether it's called a diary, journal, log, or notebook, the name means less than the writer's purpose.

Let's look at who keeps journals or logs »

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