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Journals often take one of two forms: the single entry or the double entry.

In the single-entry form, you write from margin to margin, sometimes continuing from one entry to another on the same page, sometimes beginning a new page with each new entry.

Here's a sample of a single-entry journal written by a CUNY student in an anthropology course called Music, Culture, and Society. Although the journal was part of a portfolio and thus read by the professor, the primary audience for this reflection was the student herself:

#12 - What the hell was I thinking? Could I have chosen a harder friggin subject to do my paper on? I'm such a schmuck. Some students have albums of music to play , I . . . well I have 2 songs (officially) so far. The more I read, the farther I get from the music. Although, I am learning a lot about muslim cultures, something I didn't know much about. 2nd source I have, which is helpful on a cultural level is "A trade like any other" which discusses contemp. bellydancers + female performers in Egypt. I assumed, being an American of course, that all arabic cultures had bellydancing, + that it was the norm. I'm learning that that's not true. Above all else, I'm learning that what I thought before was pretty much incorrect.
(You can also see this journal in its original handwritten form.)

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