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Journals are assigned in many classes, in all different subjects. In the sciences, journals often take the form of observation logs, which contain the results of structured investigation or experimentation. Laboratory and field research of various kinds is often recorded in such a log.

In the humanities, reading journals are often assigned. In this kind of journal, you are asked to summarize your reading and then comment on it, offering opinions and/or reflecting on how your experience or knowledge may relate to the reading material.

No matter what kind of journal or log you are asked to write, you will be expected to observe and/or read carefully and reflect on your observations and experiences.

Sometimes, journal assignments are open — no guidelines are given other than simply to write down your experiences or observations — but most times instructors have particular aims in assigning a journal and will give you specific instructions on how your journal or log should be written.

Let's look at some ways of figuring out what is expected of your journal »

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