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Do you ever wonder what people mean when they tell you to expand or develop an idea in a paper? Or, do you panic when you hear words like research or report? This section of the WriteSite might help.

Essay Elements includes suggestions for writing introductions, making transitions, developing support, and so on. Our guided workshop, Argue-It, leads you step by step through one of the most common essay assignments, the argumentative or persuasive essay.

Reports and More provides support with other kinds of writing from a variety of disciplines, topics, and courses of study. Here, for instance, you can find out more about writing a case study, keeping a journal, or preparing for an oral presentation. This section also provides some suggestions for taming that scary monster, the research paper.

Essay Elements - Help with transitions, conclusions, research and more. Argue-It - A guided workshop leading you through one of the most common essay assignments. Reports and More- Help with other kinds of writing from journals to case studies.

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