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Listing means just that — making a list of everything you can think of about your topic. Listing is a little like freewriting only slightly more structured, and it is part of the process of putting your ideas into categories. Making a list is a big part of what some people call brainstorming.

You can start making a list right here. In the box below, write down your writing topic, then write down a list of anything and everything you can think of that relates. Don't worry about writing in complete sentences, just think of as many different things as you can. When you are finished, click on the left-hand button to see your list and save and/or print it out. Click on the right-hand button to divide your list into categories.


Everyone has a different way of gathering ideas. If you didn't find listing helpful, or if you feel you still have work to do before writing a first draft, follow one of the links below to another pre-writing activity:

If you feel you have generated enough ideas and are ready to begin drafting, we have some tips for writing the first draft and a place to write it.

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