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Freewriting can be a good way to overcome the fear of the blank page or screen. It is also a way to forget all your excuses and just write.

In the text box below, write the general topic you are writing about at the top, then without stopping write anything and everything that pops into your mind about the topic.

After you begin writing, the computer will count three minutes then tell you to stop. Until then, don't worry about grammar, spelling, or anything else. Don't try to edit your work or even go back to read it. Just keep writing. If you get stuck, write "I'm stuck" or " I don't know what to write," until something else comes to mind.

Everyone has a different way of gathering ideas. If you didn't find freewriting helpful, or if you feel you still have work to do before writing a first draft, follow one of the links below to another pre-writing activity:

If you feel you have generated enough ideas and are ready to begin drafting, we have some tips for writing the first draft and a place to write it.

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