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Get your first draft in front of you, then answer the following questions about it. Try to give examples from your work to back up your answers. When you have filled in all the boxes, click on the button at the bottom of the page, and you will have a full critique of your first draft.

1. Have you clearly stated an effective main idea, or thesis? What is it?

2. Have you followed the instructions and answered the assignment completely?

3. Could you cut anything? Is there any material that doesn't relate to your main point or supply pertinent information about your topic?

4. Have you backed up your points with examples? Are there vague statements and/or descriptions that could be clarified with more details?

5. Is it clear what each one of your paragraphs is about, and how it addresses or supports the main idea? Are there any paragraphs that address two or more points and that could be broken into separate paragraphs?

6. Is your organizational pattern clear and consistent? Are there any sections that would be more effective earlier or later in the paper?

7. Have you provided connections, or transitions, to help the reader move from one idea to the next?

8. Have you written an introduction? Does the introduction establish the topic and catch your readers' attention?

9. Have you written a conclusion? Does the conclusion give the reader the feeling that your discussion is completed?

10. How is your grammar and expression? Try reading your draft out loud, listening for any rough spots. Are there any sentences that don't seem to flow the way you want them to? Are there any grammatical errors that you know you have a tendency to make?

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