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Look at these two statements about the twentieth century:

Rita Levi Montalcini (Nobel Laureate, science, Italy):
"In spite of everything there have been revolutions for the better in this century . . . [for instance,] the rise of the fourth estate, and the emergence of women after centuries of represssion."
René Dumont (agronomist, ecologist, France):
"I see it only as a century of massacres and wars."

Now, look at a passage written by a CUNY student using both these statements:
Rita Levi Montalcini, a Nobel Laureate in science, believes that much good has come out of the revolutions of the Twentieth Century. The rise of the political influence of journalism and the liberation of women are two examples. René Dumont, an ecologist from France, disagrees. He sees the Twentieth century "only as a century of massacres and wars."
This student read two different sources to write this paragraph. She quoted directly from Dumont, but she paraphrased Montalcini's statement.

Why do you think the student chose to paraphrase one quotation and quote directly from the other? Write your answer in the box below:

Have you received an assignment that calls for paraphrasing, or asks you to paraphrase an idea or opinion? Do Your Own is a section that can help you get started.

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