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Here are some assignments from CUNY campuses and elsewhere that call for the student to explain something. Note that not all assignments that call for explanations use the word explain. Keep an eye out for assignments where teachers use different words to ask for explanations.

Queens College
English 255: Postcolonial Literature
Tony O'Brien

Final Exam
Mahasweta Devi says in "The Author in Conversation" that Mary Oraon resurrects the meaning of the old Oraon hunt ritual. What does she mean?

Hunter College
Sociology 101
Kip Carney

In "The Hustler," author Ned Polsky provides a participant-observation study of the poolroom hustler. Based on Polsky's model, construct your own participant-observation study. Choose your own location and subject. In your study, you should explain the setting, action, and motivation in a way that makes sense to the reader.

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