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Here are some assignments from CUNY campuses that call for the use of examples. Note that not all assignments that call for examples use the word examples. Keep an eye out for assignments where teachers use different words to ask for examples.

Queens College
English 255: Postcolonial Literature
Tony O'Brien
Final Exam

Toni Morrison says that she wanted to achieve a fictional language that would be "indisputably black," even while admitting she was still struggling to grasp what that means.What features of an African American "national language," of Black English Vernacular or other typical speech, do you find in the novel? Look at Claudia's voice in particular, since she gives the novel its tone. What role do the scrambed citations from a school primer play in creating a black linguistic field?

Queens College
Composition 110
Christine Timm

Assignment: Is Sexual Harassment Possible in Cyberspace?

In her essay, "Gender Online," Laura Miller suggests that because the cyberbody lacks materiality, sexual harassment in cyberspace is not a serious issue: "I see my body as the site of my heightened vulnerability as a woman. But on line-where I have no body and neither does anyone else-I consider rape to be impossible" (Holeton 103). Some disagree and claim that cyberharassment not only should be taken seriously but should also be legislated against with public policy. To this Miller replies: "The idea that women merit special protections in an environment as incorporeal as the Net is intimately bound up with the idea that women's minds are weak, fragile, and unsuited to the rough and tumble of public discourse" (Holeton 105).

The Issue
What is your position? Is sexual harassment possible in cyberspace? If so, is it a problem that needs to be addressed with public policy that would punish and control offenders? Support your position by citing examples from the Miller essay, the web site discussion forum, our class discussion, or your own experience. Correct grammar and sentence structure are important.

The Format
Write a four paragraph rhetorical essay. You should follow the classic western format for rhetorical essay organization of introduction, development, conclusion. The introduction paragraph should introduce your thesis (your position) and engage the reader. The body of the essay should present two coherent supporting points organized into two focused paragraphs. The conclusion should recapitulate the thesis in light of your previous argument.

The Length
The essay should be four paragraphs totaling 300-500 words.

The Language
Use at least five of the following vocabulary words. You can find these words used in context in the Miller essay.

 commentary  provocative  gender  bias
 innate  authority  engage  stigma
 imperil  chivalry  provoke  vulnerability
 conflation  interaction  relentless  undermine

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