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Get your assignment in front of you, then follow the instructions below. Type your answers to each task in the box below it. When you have filled in all the boxes, click on the button at the bottom of the page and you will be well on your way with this project.

Step 1: What is the subject of your evaluation? Is it a painting? A patient? A poem?

Step 2: What steps will you need to take in order to make your evaluation? Will you need to make observations? Do a field trip? Read a book?

Step 3: Does your assignment ask you to focus on a specific question or problem? If you are evaluating a work of art, maybe you need to pay attention to certain elements of the painting. Or, if you are evaluating a process or situation, perhaps you've been asked to address a particular problem.

Explain any areas of focus in the box below:

Step 4: If you have begun to gather data, have you formed an opinion or judgment about your subject. If so, write it in the box below. You might also include some ideas about how you will support your evaluation.

Are you curious about how other instructors ask students to evaluate a subject? CUNY Assignments gives some examples.

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