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Look at the following excerpt from a review of the movie Toy Story 2.

The director of the Toy Story films seems to have an innate grasp of how movies work and why we go to see them — at least in the realm of childhood movie experiences. .
. . Granted, Toy Story 2 doesn't have the purity, the sense of discovery, of the first Toy Story, but it's still an utter delight. Its images and gags keep replaying themselves in the mind well after the film is over. . . .

Credit is due to John Lasseter not merely as a techno-whiz but also as a director, in the old-fashioned sense: There are shots in the airport sequence, toward the end, that are composed with a sweep and dynamism worthy of Kurosawa or Spielberg.
— From "An Utter Delight" by Robert Horton
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Step 1: What is the reviewer's opinion, judgement, or evaluation of Toy Story 2?

Step 2: What reasons does he give to support this opinion?

Step 3: Look at the following medical evaluation:

Medical Evaluation/Diagnosis
Dr. Elizabeth P. Lamming
Based on my evaluation of her symptoms, I have determined that Mrs. St. John suffers from asthma. She frequently experiences severe wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, and tightness in the chest. During severe episodes, which occur once or twice a week, a bluish tint to the skin (cyarosis) is evident around the mouth area. Other symptoms include an inward contraction between the ribs while breathing, a shallow breath pattern, and the hunched shoulders common to so many asthma sufferers.
Step 4: What did the doctor need to do in order to make her evaluation of the patient? What evidence does she include to support her diagnosis?

Have you received an assignment that calls for evaluation? Do Your Own is a section that can help you get started. We also have some samples of CUNY assignments that ask for evaluative writing.

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