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Here is an assignment that calls for the student to evaluate something.

Field Visit Report


You will be required to visit a health facility and to record your observations of it.


To achieve awareness of a health facility. To observe the conditions of that facility. To distinguish between observation and evaluation when collecting data during a visit. To write an evaluation and description of the health facility and program.

A. Description and Interpretation

Your first step is to observe and record what you see at the health facility and then interpret your data. Description requires you to look closely at the environment and to identify the physical elements of the agency, its clients, its objectives, and so forth. Interpretation requires you to explain your perception of the what the agency is attempting to accomplish.

1. Describe the physical appearance of the place, including atmosphere, number of rooms, and size.
2. List the types of employees who work at the agency. Describe at least two tasks you observed them doing.
3. Describe the kinds of people serviced at the program. What are their ages, their reasons for being at the facility, and some of the problems the patients have? Explain how the agency tries to handle these problems.
4. List the equipment you see.

B. Evaluation

Now you need to make a judgment about this agency. An evaluation requires you to offer personal reactions to what you saw. Make sure to provide reasons for having these reactions.

6. What was your first impression of the facility? Do you believe the facility suits the clients it serves? Why do you believe this?
7. Explain the difference between the population actually served and the population you thought you would see. Would you consider sending a member of your family to this facility? Why or why not?
8. What are your personal reactions to the activities of one or two of the health professionals you observed?
9. Is the program well organized? Explain your opinion.
10. What impressed you most about the visit? Explain what you liked best and what you liked least.

C. Written Report

Write a two-page essay describing the program for someone who is considering using its services. Use the responses from the above questions as a basis for the report. Name the agency and describe some of its central features in the introduction.

In the rest of the report, identify the makeup of the clients served. Consider age, sex and diagnosis. Then, list the kinds of health professionals used by the program. In your conclusion, evaluate the agency and make a recommendation to your reader as to whether or not the person you plan on advising should use its services.

(This assignment has been adapted from Integrated Skills Reinforcement: Reading Writing, Speaking, and Listening Across the Curriculum. Written by JoAnn Romeo Anderson, Nora Eisenberg, John Holland, Harvey S. Weiner and Carol Rivera-Kron, the book is an outgrowth of a project in faculty development at Fiorello H. LaGuardia Community College of the City University of New York.)

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