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Here is an assignment from a CUNY campus that calls for the student to discuss something. Note that not all assignments that call for discussion use the word discuss. Keep an eye out for assignments where teachers use different words to ask for discussion.

English 255: Postcolonial Literature
Fall 1998
Tony O'Brien

Final Exam

1. Mahasweta Devi is a good example of "Third World Feminism," since her image of women in struggle against patriarchy is embedded in the particulars of a non-Western society—the tension between "Fourth World" or indigenous "tribal" people and the national mainstream culture of postcolonial India. Discuss.

2. Ben Okri, Stars of the New Curfew: "In the Shadow of War," "In the City of Red Dust," and "What the Tapster Saw." In all three stories Okri targets a particular political disaster in postcolonial Nigeria, using a different point of view in each case: lonely child, picaresque drifter, hallucinating "tapster." Discuss the stories as works of political fiction.

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