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This workout is designed to be worked through in the sequence laid out below. Links at the bottom of each page will guide you through.

Alternatively, if you feel you need help with just one feature of comparing and contrasting, you can go directly to the relevant section, using the links below.

(Note: If you haven't looked at the compare and contrast key word pages, which give the basics of comparing and contrasting, you might want to work through them before starting this workout.)

1.  Gathering Ideas - Finding effective points of comparison. | Do Your Own - Getting started with your assignment.

2.  Making a Point - Using comparison and contrast to support a thesis. | Do Your Own - Find a main idea for your assignment.

3.  Organization - How to organize compare-and-contrast writing. | Do Your Own - Organizing your assignment.

4.  Compare and Contrast Language - Which words can we use to compare and contrast?

5.  A Close Look - A guided tour of an essay that compares and contrasts.

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