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Get your first draft in front of you, then answer the following questions about how well your draft compares and contrasts. Try to give examples from your work to back up your answers. When you have filled in all the boxes, click on the button at the bottom of the page, and you will have a full critique of your first draft.

1. Did you clearly indicate the topic of your paper? Where?

2. Does your introduction communicate clearly the things you intend to compare and contrast? Where?

3. By the end of the introduction, does the reader know what your main idea or thesis is? Do you state it or simply imply it?

4. Is your organizational pattern clear and consistent?

5. Have you used specific language and backed up your points with examples?

6. Does each body section indicate clearly the point or points of comparison that you are focusing on in that section?

7. Within each section, have you introduced any other points or information that seems unrelated?

8. Is it clear to the reader how each body paragraph addresses or supports the main idea?

9. Does the conclusion section give the reader the feeling that your discussion is completed?

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