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Look at the chart below, showing violent-homicide statistics compiled by by the F.B.I. On the left, it shows statistics for adults over 25. On the right are statistics for adults aged 18 to 24. Look carefully at the two sets of numbers:

Year U.S. violent homicides per 100,000 people (Adults over 25) U.S. violent homicides per 100,000 people (Adults 18-24)

In the box below, compare and contrast the two sets of statistics. How are they the same? How are they different?

Step 2: Did comparing and contrasting the two sets of statistics increase your understanding of the situation? How might you use this comparison and contrast in an essay?

Have you received an assignment that calls for you to compare and contrast?
Do Your Own is a section that can help you get started. We also have some
samples of CUNY assignments that ask students to compare and contrast.

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