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Here are some assignments from CUNY campuses that ask students to compare and contrast. Note that not all assignments that require you to compare and contrast use those exact words; Keep an eye out for assignments where teachers use different words to ask for comparisons.

Writing in the Sciences
Queens College
Richard Zeikowitz

First writing project: Comparison/contrast of two views

Choose two articles from academic journals dealing with a scientific topic and write a comparison/contrast of the two views (3 pages). Note: the views need not be in opposition to one another. Bring TWO additional copies of your essay draft AND the articles you are comparing to the next class.

20th Century Postcolonial Literature
Queens College
Christine Timm

In the texts we've read, we've observed women using their bodies to social and
political ends — to define and reinforce social constructs of masculinity and to define and preserve a conventional concept of "family." Placing Jashoda in a similar theoretical context, how does the corporeal function of her body take on social and political significance in ways that are similar to and/or very different from the other female characters we've encountered?

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