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Get your assignment in front of you and follow the instructions below. Type your answers to the questions in each step in the box below it. When you have filled in all the boxes, click on the button at the bottom of the page and you will be well on your way with this project.

Step 1: Identify the position or idea with which you need to agree or disagree and type it in the box below. Then list the reasons the assignment gives to support this position:

Step 2: Define your position on the topic and list the reasons why you believe your position is sensible:

Step 3: Compare and contrast your reasons from Step 2 with the list you created in Step 1: how is the support for your position similar to or different from the support the assignment gives?

Agreeing and disagreeing work hand in hand with other thinking and writing strategies. We often agree or disagree with the positions of others when we define, list, compare and contrast, discuss and identify. In addition, you will almost certainly need to agree and/or disagree in order to argue and persuade.

Are you curious about how other instructors ask students to agree and/or disagree? CUNY Assignments gives some examples.

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