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Here is an assignment from a CUNY campus that asks students to agree or disagree:

Queens College
English 110
Christine Timm
Writing Assignment

Write a five paragraph essay using the rhetorical format we discussed in class. Follow the basic outline of introductory paragraph, three development body paragraphs which support your position, and conclusion paragraph. Each of the three body paragraphs should focus on a single supporting point. In these body paragraphs, you should support your argument with logical reasoning and at least one reference from the Internet. The Internet reference must be documented. We will discuss how to do this in class.

Grammar and Sentence Structure
You should express your thoughts clearly and organize your ideas so that they make sense to a reader. Correct grammar and sentence structure are important.

The Issue
Recently, New York State's top court ruled that unwed couples, both straight and homosexual, shall have the same adoption opportunities as married heterosexual couples. Mary Cummins is a former school board president and one of the critics of this ruling. Newsday has quoted Ms. Cummins as saying the following about the adopted children of gay and lesbian parents specifically: "Life is tough in this day and age without exposing them [the children] to more trouble." However, supporters of the New York State Supreme Court decision feel that as long as the child is well taken care of, the sexual preference of the parents should not be an issue. Do you agree or disagree with the court's decision?

Style Guidelines
1. In your writing construct least one compound sentence where you use a coordinating conjunction to connect two independent clauses.
2. In your essay demonstrate an understanding of the correct use of subordinate conjunctions. Begin several sentences with a subordinate clause.
3. Use at least three of the following vocabulary words (these words can be found in context in your critical reading assignment):

civil rights

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