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Here are a few ideas and tips from students who have used the WriteSite:

Open a Word Processing Program
It is a good idea to keep a word processing program open while you use the WriteSite. This way you can copy and paste the work you do, in order to save it all in one place. You can also keep a log of the work you do (see below).

Open Your E-Mail Program
You might also have your e-mail program going, so you can you send your work to an instructor, tutor or friend that is willing to help you. Also, if you are not working at home, e-mailing to yourself is a clever way to save your work without using a floppy disk.

Keep a Log
Keep track of what you do on the WriteSite. Write down your problems, frustrations, insights and revelations. Write down what you learn, and how you learned it. You can use this log to trace your progress. You can also show it to instructors or tutors to give them a better idea of your writing and learning processes. Either jot down your log on paper, or open up a word processing program (see above) and keep it there.

Print Your Work
Another way to keep track of your work on the WriteSite is simply print out any writing you do as part of the exercises. Or, if you want to save paper, save your work as a word processing document or e-mail it to yourself (see above).

Be Patient
Take the time to read instructions and work through each section of the topic you are interested in. Also, don't get too frustrated if you don't feel your writing has improved after you have worked with the WriteSite. The WriteSite is not magical, but it can help you get another perspective on your writing and might just be helping you in ways that aren't immediately obvious.

Bookmark It
Add a permanent link to the WriteSite on your browser by dragging this CUNY WriteSite link up to the "bookmarks" (Netscape) or "favorites" (Internet Explorer) button at the top of your browser. (To drag, click once and hold the mouse button down. When you reach the bookmark or favorites button, a list should open up. Release the link wherever you would like it to appear in that list.) Bookmarks can also help if you have to stop in the middle of a section: you can create a bookmark to the page you are on and go right to it the next time.
If you have WriteSite experience and would like to pass on some tips, please use our feedback form to send us mail. Thanks.

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