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A Guide to the WriteSite

(Note: If you are completely new to the World Wide Web, you might try our links to beginners' guides. (click on the underlined words to see the links.)
How the WriteSite is Organized

Much of the WriteSite is divided into instructional units that move from a basic introduction to further explanation and practice.

You can jump to whatever interests you and skip parts that don't meet your needs, but in order to get the most out of each unit, start at the beginning and take the time to work through all relevant sections.

Using the WriteSite's Interactive Features

The WriteSite includes quite a few activities and exercises. In order for these and other interactive parts of the WriteSite to work properly, you need to be using version 4 or higher of either Netscape Navigator/Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. To find out what version of browser you are using, click on the following: check your browser  If nothing happens, you should probably download a newer version of your browser:
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We have collected ideas and suggestions from people who have used the WriteSite. If you also have WriteSite experience and would like to pass on some tips, please use our feedback form to send us mail. Thanks.
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