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What is the CUNY WriteSite?

The WriteSite is an Online Writing Lab, or OWL—a collection of writing resources and a way of interacting with other CUNY writers through the Internet. It complements face-to-face resources, like your campus Writing Center, and it's always open. You could call it a "night OWL," or a "weekend OWL," because it's always here, ready to help you.

What do we do?

We offer online instructional support in grammar and style, help with each stage of the writing process, and hints for how to handle various kinds of writing, throughout the disciplines. We provide interactive practice exercises and discussion of issues connected with writing. We also have links to your campus writing resources and resources on the World Wide Web to help you develop assignments and work on your writing.

There are things we can't do. Neither tutors nor peers can do your work for you. They can't do the thinking, reading, revising, proofreading, or editing that writers have to do for themselves. However, the CUNY WriteSite can help you improve your ability to master these skills and gain confidence as you are faced with writing challenges.

Who are we for?

The WriteSite is a resource for all CUNY writers. You might be an undergraduate writing your first English paper or the final thesis for your major. You might be a graduate student writing a term paper or your dissertation. You might also be an instructor looking for ways to integrate writing into your classes or improve your students' writing. In any case, we hope you find what you need at the CUNY WriteSite.

Who are we?

Born of a collaboration of CUNY faculty, administrators, and students, the WriteSite depends on the contributions of a wide array of people. Our editorial staff and advisory board meet regularly to develop new content and to train faculty on how to use site in the classroom and writing lab.

How do I use the WriteSite?

We have tried to design the WriteSite so that it is self-explanatory and easy to use, but if you run into trouble or are new to the Web, our WriteSite guide might help.

What's New on the WriteSite?

Check out the list of what's new.

We want your ideas

We encourage CUNY students, teachers, tutors, and administrators to use our feedback form to submit comments, questions and complaints about the CUNY WriteSite.

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