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Who are we?

Our Administration and Editorial Staff:

The Administrative Director of the WriteSite is Colette Wagner, the Editors-in-chief are Nora Eisenberg and Bill Bernhardt, and the Site Manager is Ann Peters.
Our Advisory Board:

  • Marian Arkin
  • Gerard Dalgish
  • Frederick DeNaples
  • Karen Greenberg
  • Myra Kogen
  • Jane Paznik
  • John Troynaski
  • Gail Wood

We'd also like to thank:

Juan Baez, Yolonda Batey, Stuart Cochran, Russell Day, Clem Dunbar, Bret Eynon, Livia Nieves, George Otte, Janice Peritz, Nicholas Sidler, Christine Timm, Robert Timm, Zhaneta Yusupova, Lisa Valenti

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