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The basic idea:
The most common way to make a noun plural is to add an S to the end of the noun.

How we do it:

Singular Plural (Noun + S)
The little boy smells the flower.The little boys smell the flowers.


Read the following sentence, answer the questions below it, and click the button at the bottom when you are finished:
Dana gave Ophelia some flowers for her birthday.
Find all the nouns in the sentence and write them in the box below:

Which noun in this sentence is plural? How do you know?

Rewrite the sentence using the plural form of sock, instead of "flowers":

Some Exceptions to the Rule:

If a noun ends with ch, sh, x, ss, or z, add es instead of s. Pass your mouse over the following sentence to see how this kind of plural is made:

Try This One:

Dana gave Ophelia a sandwich for her birthday.
Rewrite the sentence above using the plural form of "sandwich":

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