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Here is a chance to see how well you know your plural nouns. Follow the instructions below, and click on the buttons to test yourself.

Part 1:

Rewrite the sentences, making the noun in each box plural:

1. Your arrived in the mail this morning. 

2. Donna's  wanted to go to the Bronx Zoo to see the

3. Who gave you the

4. If you bring the , I'll bring the

5. Wash the in hot water and the will come out. 

6. Ahmed put the on the fancy

7. Would you please place the large on the  

8. The on the really showed her talent. 

9. The overflowed the for the Smashing Pumpkins  

10. If you believe the , then you should kiss the

Part 2:

Make all the nouns in the following paragraph plural. click at the bottom when you're done:

It is a curious phenomenon that American know so little about nutrition while Chinese work almost entirely with diet and . The basis of American medicine seems to be the alleviation of the of , whereas the major criterion of Asian medicine is the prevention of . The majority of American health care have only basic undergraduate knowledge of nutrition. On the other hand, Chinese health care graduate from medical with a comprehensive knowledge of the of various of on human .

Part 3:

Proofread the following paragraph and correct errors with plural nouns. Make any changes within the box, then click at the bottom to check your work.

Part 4:

Write a paragraph about your diet in the box below. Some of the questions you might think about are: Do you eat a healthy diet? What kinds of foods do you eat regularly? What are your favorite foods? Do your favorites include foods like fruit and vegetables?

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