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Here are a few sentences with agreement problems. See if you can figure out what's wrong, then click on each one to see an explanation, the corrected sentence, and some tips on how to avoid the problem:

The tall girl standing among a crowd of commuters sing until the train reaches 59th Street.

Two hours seem like a long time when you're stuck in a subway car with a rotten singer.

The Irish Arts Center band play in Central Park every Wednesday night.

Singing in subway cars always excite me.

Whatever Liz Phair sings sound great to me.

No one like to hear loud singing on the subway.

People at Shea Stadium sings the national anthem before every Mets game.

Max, Sam and my brother plays basketball every evening.

Joe, like all the other students, need a valid student ID to use the library.

Rice and beans are my specialty.

Neither Max nor his brothers sings in the gospel choir.

There is too many tourists in Times Square.

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