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Here is a chance to see how well you know your subject-verb agreement. Follow the instructions below, and click on the question marks to test yourself.

Part 1:

Change the verb in each box so that it agrees with its subject (use the present tense):

1. Sonja weights every day.

2. I hear a strange noise whenever the car 

3. The bookstore on 81st Street a coffee shop. 

4. The Aquarium at Coney Island me. 

5. Each semester Liam an entire paycheck on text books. 

6. The text books too much money. 

7. Hot pizza the roof of my mouth. 

8. Hiro me a postcard every time he on vacation. 

9. Most CUNY students full time. 

10. Ronald on the table when he too much beer. 

Part 2:

Change the verbs so that they agree with their subjects (use the present tense):

1. Dan's treatment of women much to be desired. 

2. Loud noises at midnight me. 

3. Whatever Chris Rock says me laugh. 

4. Congress on gun-control legislation almost every year. 

5. Eating too much meat your intestines. 

6. There bugs on your head. 

7. The ringing of the church bells the start of the wedding ceremony. 

8. Fred thinks that everybody The New York Times. 

9. Fifty dollars like a lot of money to me. 

10. Each of her sisters a BMW. 

Part 3: Read the following paragraph and change all the verbs so that they agree with their subjects (use the present tense):
A kiwi very different from other kinds of fruit. The egg-shaped kiwi, imported from New Zealand and until recently considered only a gourmet food item, usually fifty-nine to eighty-nine cents each. Eighty-nine cents a lot of money for such a small, ugly fruit. It brown, rough hairy skin, like the stubble of a day-old growth of beard, which one off before eating. The inside of kiwis a gentle green color. When you slice a kiwi in rounds, you even lighter shades of green coming from the center of each piece; small, black edible seeds a circle near the center of each slice. To bite into kiwis joy to your taste buds. When ripe but not too mushy, a kiwi juicy and sweet, with just the right hint of tartness. Everyone kiwis!

Part 4:

Proofread the following comparison of pizza and tacos for agreement problems with third-person singular s. Make changes in the box, then click at the bottom to check your work.

Part 5:

Write a paragraph in the box below comparing either singing and dancing or the subway and buses. Then check your paragraph carefully for subject-verb agreement and third-person singular s.

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