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Discover It: Find the third person singular verbs in the passage below and write them in the box underneath it:
A small lady, who might be a well-dressed bag lady or a slightly eccentric West Sider, sits down beside a professional young man reading a newspaper. She leans over and reads with him. Finally, with good humor, but some annoyance, he offers her the paper. At first she accepts it, and puts it in her lap - but it is clear she does not want to read it as much as she wants to share it. She seems to consider this, and returns it to him. The friendship is cemented, and they both sit companionably silent, he not reading, she smiling at him once in a while as if he were her son. Then he gets off, telling her to have a nice day. "Take care of my paper now," she says.
— From "Overheard in Transit,"
by Bette Ann Moskowitz, CUNY writer.

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