Practice It:

Exercise #1: Connecting Independent Clauses
Select a sentence from Column A that would combine sensibly with a sentence from column B.
Using one of the coordinating conjunctions and a comma if you need one, rewrite the combined sentences in the text boxes.

We didn't find the treasure We can find out what time the film begins.
You should phone the movie theater. He hated the movie.
Wendy plays piano.  She can speak German fluently.
Jim loved the book. We didn't have a map with an X marking the spot.
Hyun has never been to Germany. She composes her own music.

Exercise #2: Combining Independent and Dependent Clauses Using Subordinate Conjunctions
Select a clause from Column A that would combine sensibly with a clause from column B. Rewrite the combined sentences in the text boxes. Use a comma where appropriate.
1. Where there's smoke because they were too tight.
2. We devoured the sandwiches they tell jokes
3. I returned the shoes  there's usually fire.
4. Fred won't get to the airport until after our flight arrives.
5. Whenever Antoinette and Ruth get together as though we hadn't eaten in days.

Exercise #3: Combining Independent Clauses with Relative or Noun Clauses
Provide an appropriate connecting relative or noun clause pronoun for the following sentences.
1. The boss gave a monthly bonus to the salesperson the customers like best.

2. We live in a city tourists abound.

3. The Luna concert was the best show I have seen in a long time.

4. Everyone knows he got that promotion.

5. My dog goes I go.

6. The teacher insists we arrive for class on time.

7. I am not concerned about he gets to the airport.

8. Tell me the reason you won't return Misha's call.

9. Jeffrey always does he wants.

10. You should always give a gift you would like to have for yourself.

Exercise 4: Write a paragraph persuading the reader to give you ten dollars. Try to combine clauses in your sentences.