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Is It a Sentence?

Read the following passage:

Whenever the sun is bright in the sky my worries fly away if I'm sad I'm glad if I'm down I'm up wherever I am I am gay.

Is It a Sentence? How do you know? Write your answer in the box below:

Now, without adding or deleting any words, use capitalization and punctuation to break up the passage into sentences. Do your work in the box below:

Sentences are building blocks of thought and writing, so it is important to understand them. Working with the activities in this section of Hot Spots will help you to build and arrange sentences.

Heart of The Sentence - Everything in the English sentence is driven by the main subject and verb. Sentence Patterns - Recognizing the major sentence and clause patterns is essential to controlling sentence structure.
Fragments and Punctuation - Knowing where to punctuate is the key to good sentence construction. Mixed-Up Sentences - Even the best writers can get tangled up when trying to express complex thoughts.

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