Practice It:
Exercise #1: Using Commas
In the text boxes, rewrite the sentences and insert commas where appropriate. In addition, Then explain the reason you did it  Some sentences do not require commas.
  1. Since guns are responsible for hundreds of accidental deaths every year the government should outlaw private gun ownership.
  2. We complain about disinterested politicians yet every year we listen to their empty campaign speeches and vote them into office.
  3. Allen Ginsberg who achieved international popularity as a Beat poet used to teach at Brooklyn College.
  4. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
  5. I heard that if we write an end of term paper we don't have to take the final exam.
  6. I always try to behave ethically because cheaters never prosper.
  7. I want to know why the police shot the perpetrator.
  8. Even though Yoko Ono was born and raised in Japan she prefers to live in Manhattan.
  9. I'd like to visit Richmond Hill where Paul Simon was born.
  10. I like to visit cities, where famous people were born.

Exercise #2: Sentence Fragments
Edit the following sentences. Some are already correct.
  1. Maisy never eats meat. Why? Because her religion forbids it.
  2. I want a new coat. With a hood and an elegant lining.
  3. Fred won't run in the New York City Marathon. Even though he trained for weeks.
  4. I'm tired of dealing with telemarketers. Who can't take no for an answer.
  5. The professor wants to know.  When we can finish the project.
Exercise #3: Commas, Semi-colons, End Punctuation
Edit the following sentences by adding or subtracting commas, semi-colons or end punctuation where appropriate. Write the standard English version in the text boxes that follow.
  1. The thieves didn't steal anything we still felt upset.
  2. The French flag is red; white; and blue.
  3. Unrequited love. That's what poets wrote about in the Middle Ages.
  4. We like Barney. In spite of the fact that he's boring.
  5. The heat was too low; We woke up freezing.
  6. The first Dutch settlers made their homes in the area that we know as Battery Park.
  7. There's a destination a little up the road from the habitation and the towns we know.  This place where we saw the lights turned low.  It has two turntables and a microphone.
  8. The sky darkened, suddenly it began to hail.
  9. People like to visit New York. Because it's the city that never sleeps.
  10. Saturday morning cartoons on television are too violent they show too many characters getting injured.
  11. When can I go to the supermarket and buy what I need with my good looks?
  12. Although he writes poetry he won't let anyone read it.
Exercise #4
Edit the following paragraph.  Write the edited version in the text box below.
The American Museum of the Moving Image is located in Long Island City. Which is situated in the borough of Queens. This is the only United States museum, that is solely devoted to film and television. The museum features exhibits that provide information about various facets of moving image projections. Such as the art, history, and technology of television and film making. Visitors have access to a "behind the scenes" view of technology and tools, that are used to produce film and television. Costumes, special effects props, and other artifacts are on display. And are sometimes organized according to a theme; like the horror genre. The Museum's Riklis Theater screens classic and cult films. If you call and request a film schedule the Museum staff will send you one within a week. The adult admission fee is $5, unfortunately there is no student rate. However, screenings are free with admission. Unless otherwise indicated.
Exercise #5
You are expecting out-of-town visitors. These visitors have never been to New York City before. In one paragraph, give your visitors some written advice on how to stay safe in the City.