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Verbs change their form according to who did the action they describe and when it happened. Take a look at the following sentences and descriptions of the verbs they contain; follow the links for information on terms you are not familiar with or would like more information on:

My cousin was the MVP on his high-school track team.

This verb, "was," is in the third person singular, simple past tense, and active voice.

He, his wife, my sister and our grandmother, all run every day.

This verb, "run," is in the third person plural, present tense, and active voice.

We could be awarded the prize for "fastest family in New York."

This verb, "awarded," is in the first person plural, present tense, and passive voice. This verb has two others helping it; "could" is a modal, and "be" is an auxiliary verb.

One of the most important things to know about verbs is that they must agree with their subjects.

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