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In order to find run-on sentences, you need to be able to identify independent clauses. An independent clause is a group of words with a subject and a predicate that could make sense on its own as a sentence. Pass your mouse over the following example to see what the subject and predicate are:
my cousin runs a mile to work every day

Checking for run-ons is easy, but it can take time. Read each sentence individually, and count the number of independent clauses between each capital letter and period. If you count more than one, you might have a run-on. You can also read your work out loud and listen for sentences that contain more than one idea and no place to take a breath.

Is the following sentence a run-on? (Pass your mouse over for hints and click for the answer.)
My cousin sprained his ankle last week he drove to work.

If you can find run-ons, it is easy to fix them.

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