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For each of the grammar topics listed, we will provide a quick definition, plus additional materials, exercises, and links. Many of the most common grammatical problems are also covered by one of our Hot Spots interactive exercises.

Categories used by the Error Analyzer program (EA) are listed alongside their corresponding grammar topics. Most Error Analyzer categories are listed more than once; browse through each of the appropriate topics to get an overview, or ask your instructor to help you decide which one best addresses the particular problem you need to work on.

A, an     (EA: ART)
Abbreviations & numbers
Adverbial conjunctions (linking words)
Agreement     (EA: VERBFORM)
Antecedent (of pronouns)     (EA: PRO)
Apostrophe     (EA: ORTHO)
Articles     (EA: ART)
Auxiliary (helping) verbs     (EA: VERBFORM)
Bad, worse, worst (comparatives)
Clauses (dependent vs. independent)
Collective nouns
Comma     (EA: PUNC)
Comma splice     (EA: SENT)
Comparative forms
Concrete/specific language
Conjunctive adverbs
Count vs. noncount nouns
Fragments     (EA: SENT)
Have, has, had     (EA: VERBFORM)
Indefinite pronouns     (EA: PRO)
Irregular verbs     (EA: VERBFORM)
Mixed-up sentences     (EA: MUS)
Modals (modal auxiliaries)   (EA: VERBFORM)
Modifiers     (EA: MUS)
Nouns     (EA: NUM)
Numbers and numerals
Participles     (EA: VERBFORM)
Parts of speech
Passive voice     (EA: VERBFORM)
Past participle     (EA: VERBFORM)
Perfect tenses     (EA: VERBFORM)
Person (first, second, third)     (EA: PRO)
Prepositions     (EA: VOC)
Present participle     (EA: VERBFORM)
Pronouns     (EA: PRO)
Punctuation     (EA: PUNC)
Quantifiers     (EA: VOC)
Run-ons     (EA: SENT)
Sentences     (EA: SENT, MUS)
Soundalikes     (EA: ORTHO, VOC)
Spelling     (EA: ORTHO)
Subordinating conjunctions
Verb tense     (EA: VERBFORM)
Verbs     (EA: VERBFORM)
Word choice (diction)     (EA: VOC)

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