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Each Error Analyzer category is listed alongside the symbol used for it within the Error Analyzer program, an explanation of the category, and examples. Links to the appropriate topics in the A-Z grammar list and Hot Spots are also listed.

Category Symbol Explanation Examples

A-Z: A, An, Articles || Hot Spots
ART An article like a, an or the is missing or it is used improperly I took _ shower when I came home. (a shower)
We ate a orange with lunch. (an orange)
Mixed-Up Sentence

A-Z: Mixed-up sentences, Modifiers, Sentences || Hot Spots
MUS The word order in sentences is confused or mixed up. Or, key grammatical words are missing causing confusion. I a little bit cleanup the room. (I clean up the room a little bit)
By exercising regularly can help you keep fit. (Exercising regularly can help you keep fit)
Number Confusion

A-Z: Nouns || Hot Spots
NUM A noun was used in the singular when it should be used in the plural. Or, a noun was used in the plural when it should be used in the singular. Or, a noun plural was inappropriately created. We study all kind of subjects (all kinds of subjects)
I study a few different subject (subjects).
Parents should never lie to their childrens (children).
Orthography and Spelling

A-Z: Spelling, Apostrophes, Soundalikes, Contractions
ORTHOSpelling errors. Errors involving apostrophes. Homophone problems.Perents should never lie to their children. (Parents...)
I don't like there looks (their).
I don't know it's name (its).

A-Z: Pronouns, Antecedent, Indefinite Pronouns, Person
PRO Pronoun reference problems. Sometimes there is no clear antecedent, or the pronoun is the wrong one (a plural pronoun is written where a singular one is correct, or vice versa), or the pronoun is missing or repeated unnecessarily. He or she may get to the point of hating their parents (his or her).
I usually shut ___ off before going to sleep (shut it off).
It could be many problems with that car. (There)...

A-Z: Punctuation, Comma
PUNCThis includes all problems with punctuation except for problems with Sentence boundaries (SENT) and apostrophes (ORTHO). This includes the absence of a punctuation mark that needs to be there (as a comma after a conjunction in a coordinate sentence), confusion of punctuation marks, or adding one where none is needed.She wrote us a long letter last month but it only came today. (...month, but)
I kept wondering why she wrote that? (that.)
Julius Nyerere the former president of Tanzania was outraged by the bombings. (...Nyerere, the former president of Tanzania, was...)
The house, that Jack built, was made of stone. ( that Jack built was...)
Sentence Boundaries

A-Z: Sentences, Comma splice, Fragments, Run-ons || Hot Spots
SENTA sentence is incomplete (a fragment), or a sentence is run-on, or is a comma splice.I don't get paid a lot. Because my father is the boss. (...lot because...)
Verb Forms

A-Z: Verbs, Verb tense, Agreement, Participles, Passive voice, Auxiliary verbs, Modals, Irregular verbs || Hot Spots: Watch Your S, Don't Drop D
VERBFORMThe form of a verb is incorrect. This includes verb tense, subject verb agreement, use of the -ing form instead of the infinitive, problems with passive formation, and others.And then my older son and I are doing our homework every day. (did)
The policemen got shoot in the leg. (shot)
Vocabulary, Word Choice, and Idiom

Word choice, Prepositions, Quantifiers || Hot Spots
VOCThe wrong word was chosen, usually because of some confusion about the semantic domain of the word as compared to a related synonym. A preposition is misused, such as in an idiomatic phrase. A word is repeated incorrectly or unnecessarily. The sentence is unclear because the wording is off.There was a deduction in the crime rate (reduction).
I listen to lectures, make exercises, and work on the computer. (do exercises)
I met him at the street and we went to home together. (on the street...went home...)
We must obey to our parents (...obey our parents)

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