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The Write-Your-Own section is an interactive exercise which will lead you through each step of composing a LAST essay.

There are 8 steps you'll need to take to complete this workshop. At the end you'll have a complete LAST essay which you'll be able to print out, save on a disk or e-mail to yourself, your instructor, your tutor, or anyone. All you'll need to do is enter a working e-mail address.

Here's an outline of the 8 steps:
  • Step One: Understand the Question.
  • Step Two: Review the Two Arguments
  • Step Three: Express Your Position
  • Step Four: Confront Your Opponent
  • Step Five: Brainstorm a Case
  • Step Six: Plan Your Strategy
  • Step Seven: Write the Essay
  • Step Eight: Proofread


Let's go to Step One.

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