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How will my essay be assessed?

The test developers say that you will be assessed according to your ability to:

  • comprehend and focus on a unified, controlling topic;

  • select and use a strategy of expression that is appropriate for the intended audience and purpose;

  • present a reasoned, organized argument or exposition;

  • use support and evidence to develop and bolster your ideas and account for the views of others;

  • and express yourself clearly and without distractions caused by inattention to sentence and paragraph structure, choice and use of words, and mechanics(i.e., spelling, punctuation and capitalization).

If you would like some suggestions on ways to get ready for the LAST, we have some for you, or if you'd like to try taking a practice exam, you can do so right here on the WriteSite.

Get Ready
Some suggestions for preparing for the test.
Write Your Own
A step-by-step workshop that leads you through the LAST.

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